Petronas Twin Towers

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One Of The World’s Most Iconic Landmarks

In 2015, TIME magazine has announced PETRONAS Twin Towers to be one of the top 10 most iconic landmarks in the world - alongside Mount Everest and the New York Empire State Building.

Rated 4.5 Stars On Trip Advisor

Rated 4.5 Stars On Trip Advisor.

What Visitors Are Saying

At PETRONAS Twin Towers, we do our best to make your experience a marvellous one from the inside out.

Amazing structure for the instructed people's.
Provision of High rise bridge is just marvelous.
Beautiful look amazing selection of exterior.
Superb look at night.
Use wide angle to take perfect selfie.

Umair Ajmal


Once you reach KL you will have a glimpse of the Twin Towers from literary everwhere but you have see it up close to realize what an architectural brilliance it is. Its like a god's creation.
Go to the park through the Jalan Ampang entrance to get the best view.

Saurabh Mehta


Its magnificent, one cannot walk past by Petronas and ignore to look at the top. It defines Kuala Lumpur, prominent skyline. The view from the top level meant for tourists is awesome. One can buy merchandise from a shop at Ground floor.they have musical fountain in the evening where a lot of people bring their families on weekends. Its a place to be.

Deepti Saraswat